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CITA Petroleum Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Pdf Download. CITA interview questions, CITA aptitude test past questions, CITA cognitive assessment past questions.

Did you apply for a job in CITA petroleum? Are you aware that the screening test is fast approaching? How prepared are you? If you’re about to write this exam be it CBT or handwritten don’t leave this page without downloading this material.

To ensure proper and adequate preparation, you need to download CITA Petroleum past questions and answer which is in Pdf and accessible by any device.

Based on the review we got from the candidate that studied this material and went for the exam, we can boldly say this material will be helpful to you as well.

It is up to date and it comprises or all the real questions being asked in CITA petroleum interviews or recruitment exams.

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About CITA Petroleum

CITA Petroleum is a pre-eminent aviation fuelling company with a strong presence in Nigerian airfields like Lagos, Abuja,Port Harcourt, Calabar,Warri, Uyo, Owerri, Enugu, Yola, Kaduna, Sokoto and Kano.

CITA specializes in into-plane fuelling, offshore/onshore system maintenance and also develop and operate bulk Petroleum Storage facilities as a major function of its core business.

This is a preview of the company to further help you understand the company you’re about working with. See below why you need this material.

What’s the Essence of CITA Petroleum Past Questions

There are numerous reasons why you need this material but highlighted below are the most demanding aim of download it.

  • To have a clear insight of what Maersk job aptitude test looks like
  • Know the way and manner in which questions are set
  • Discover which areas do questions frequently come from
  • Through studying this material, you will get familiar with the questions pattern and off course taking note of repeated questions
  • Getting to know the marking scheme and lastly
  • Test your current preparation level and see possible ways of improving by the help of this material.

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Sample Questions

A variable that can theoretically assume any value between two given values is called what?

(a)          Constant

(b)          Discrete

(c)           Continuous

(d)          Inductive

The phase of statistics dealing with conclusions under which such inference is valid is called what?

(a)          Deductive statistics

(b)          Descriptive statistics

(c)           Inductive statistics

(d)          Probability Statistics

The phase of statistics that seeks only to describe and analyses a given group without drawing any conclusion inferences about a larger group is called what?

(a)          Deductive statistics

(b)          Probability Statistics

(c)           Inductive statistics

(d)          Non-Probability Statistics

Given that 2 – 1= y/y, what is y/y

(a)          y

(b)          2

(c)           0

(d)          1

101 could be written as what?

(a)          1

(b)          0

(c)           10-1

(d)          10

(10p)(10q) is the same as?

(a)          10p/10q

(b)          10p+q

(c)           10p-q

(d)          10pq

How many significant figures are in this number assuming it is recorded accurately 149.8inches

(a)          Four

(b)          Five

(c)           Three

(d)          One

During a promotion interview the following represent the grades of six candidates; 84, 91, 72, 68, 87 and 78. Find the arithmetic mean of the grades

(a)          82.5

(b)          86

(c)           84

(d)          80

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