NLNG Scholarship Past Questions
NLNG Scholarship Past Questions and Answers
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NLNG Scholarship Past Questions and Answers

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NLNG Scholarship past questions and answers. The Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas scholarship examination past questions is now available on our store for download.

Applicants of NLNG scholarship seeking great and outstanding success in the forthcoming examination should carefully go through this page.

Getting NLNG Scholarship past questions and answers to a certain extent is not optional. To become a beneficiary of NLNG Scholarship it is mandatory you prove yourself worthy by passing the examination.

One of the greatest tool to guide yourself properly and gain enough insight about the NLNG Scholarship exams is the past questions.

Why Should I Get NLNG Scholarship Past Questions

Generally past questions gives insight and better understanding of any upcoming examination. It is like a mirror that helps examine your preparation level.

To ascertain and be certain you prepare adequately, download the NLNG Scholarship past questions because it will enlighten you about the question pattern, marking scheme and other necessary things to note about the examination.

To download NLNG exams past questions is easy following the steps below.

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Free Version of NLNG Scholarship Past Questions

Two forces whose resultant is l00N are at right angles to each other. If one of them makes a angle of 30° with the resultant, find the magnitude of the other force.

  • 66N
  • 6N
  • 0N
  • 0N

A body of weight WN rests on a smooth plane inclined at an angle θo80 to the horizontal. The component of the weight down the slope is.

  • Wsinθ
  • Wcosθ
  • Wtanθ
  • Wsecθ

A body of mass l00g moves with a velocity of 10.0mfs and collides with a wall. After collision the body moves with a velocity of 2.0m/s in the opposite direction. The change in momentum is

  • 0Ns
  • 2Ns
  • 0Ns
  • 80Ns

A 12V battery supplying a current of 2OAwas used to melt 1.5kg of ice at 0°C. Calculate the time required if the latent heat of fusion of ice is 336 x 103J/Kg.

  • 0min
  • 5min
  • 76min
  • 0min

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