NTIC Competition Past Questions and Answers Up to Date PDF
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NTIC Competition Past Questions and Answers Up to Date PDF



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Download NTIC competition past questions/ NMC Past Questions and answers up to date PDF. The Nigerian Tulip International Colleges and National Mathematical Centre Annual Mathematics Competition.

Are an intending participant of NTIC competition? Have you registered for the NTIC/NMC mathematics competitions? If yes, then read through this page to download the past questions and answers.

The complete past questions and answers of the previous editions of NTIC competition is available for download on this page.

To download a copy, follow the instructions on this page. But note the NTIC competition past questions and answers is available in PDF only.

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Sample Questions

Which numeral has the digit 2 in the millions place?

  • 1,807,629
  • 82,531,044
  • 28,162,751
  • 8,629,794,312
  • 1,234,567,123

Which of the following shows the prime factorization of 120?

  • 2´6´20
  • 2´3´20
  • 2´3´4´5
  • 2´2´3´5´5
  • None of the above

Which list shows all the common factors of 24, 36 and 48?

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12
  • 2, 6, 12
  • 1,2,3
  • 1,3,4,6,8
  • None of the above

 There are four children in the Smith family. Only one of the children is older than Pete. Sarah is younger than Brad. Kevin is older than Brad. Which lists the children in order from oldest to youngest?

  • Brad, Pete, Kevin, Sarah
  • Sarah, Brad, Pete, Kevin
  • Pete, Sarah, Brad, Kevin
  • Kevin , Pete , Brad , Sarah
  • None of the above

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